Dental Tourism

International Patients 

High-quality care, a wealth of options, and great prices help make the dental care necessity accessible.We offer international standards of care and take special efforts to make our patients feel comfortable.We use the exact same dental materials that American and European dentists use, made available here to the patient at a fraction of the cost.

If you are an international patient who is looking for high quality dental care, please contact us for more information.

Your Personalized Quotes

Good value is as important in dentistry as in anything else, and fees reflect the standard of treatment offered. There are no standard set fees in private dentistry because every patient is different and therefore, each treatment is unique.

A personalized written estimate of the cost of treatment is supplied in advance and fees are discussed with you to ensure your complete understanding and satisfaction.

  Your Stay

Mumbai offers a wide range of hotels to suit every budget and requirement. Since most comprehensive dental treatments require a stay of 1-4 weeks, it is important for the hotel to be clean, safe, comfortable and offer basic room service.

Within a 5km radius of Smile Essentials, there are several hotels and service apartments available.