Absolutely pain free dental experience

A lot of people are afraid of dentists and associate dentistry procedures with pain. At Smile Essentials, this fear is totally eliminated. Smile Essentials is a dental health clinic with state of art dental equipment. Our use of exclusive laser technology causes less or no pain at all during the treatment.

Convenient Location

Smile Essential is located at the heart of Bandra on Linking Road & Worli is committed to make you smile. With two locations to choose from, you can visit the clinic that is most convenient for you. There is plenty of parking available at both the locations. Open six days a week, Smile Essentials also offers morning, evening, and weekend appointments so you can schedule your dental appointments around your schedule.


Our skilled and dedicated staff wants to make it easy for you to take care of your oral health. Smile Essentials is always on the lookout for new and emerging technology to make our patients’ experience as comfortable as possible. Our Cutting edge technology include noninvasive laser techniques, nonsurgical periodontal therapies and digital radiography and intraoral camera. In addition to the advance technology  you’ll unwind and experience the ultimate in comfort in our amazing leg massaging chair, while also relaxing and enjoying a show on your own personal TV during your appointment. The office also features a big screen TV in the reception area so you can relax before your appointment.


At Smile Essentials, we promise to maintain the highest level of sterilization. Our quality equipment and infrastructure ensure our patients receive the best quality of treatment. We follow effective and efficient infection controls for the safety of our patients.

Internationally trained and qualified

At Smile Essentials, providing first-rate customer service is their top priority. Our staff  works hard to ensure that you’re comfortable through every stage of your visit—before, during, and after your appointment. Their skilled and professional dentists are dedicated to giving you and your family the optimal oral health, using the newest equipment. Our comfortable, inviting office will ensure that you have the most pleasant appointment possible. Smile Essentials also specializes in children’s dentistry, and our waiting area is filled with colouring and reading books so your kids will stay entertained.

Specialized Patient Comprehensive Care

At Smile Essentials we have the finest options for general and specialized dental treatment. Whatever your needs are, we offer comprehensive care, ranging  of dental services including preventative care such as checkups, x-rays, tooth whitening, cosmetic dentistry, dental restorations, root canals, wisdom teeth extraction, crowns and bridges, denture services, and much more.